Americas Club | Activities
The Americas Club is a network of professionals committed to the development and exchange of ideas that will foster entrepreneurship in the Americas.
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Each year the Americas Club convenes its full membership and key regional business, government and civil society leaders to discuss important themes and issues. The Annual Meeting also provides members insider perspectives on economic, political and business trends in the host country. The location is generally selected one year in advance and past meetings have been held in Washington D.C., Panama City and Mexico City.
As the Americas Club is a de-centralized network of regional leaders, regular activities are driven by local City Chapters. While City Chapter activities may vary each aim to hold a regular monthly chapter meeting as well as events with local government and business leaders. City Chapters include: Washington D.C., San Francisco, Mexico City, Lima, and Monterrey, Mexico with many others under development.
Our programs and activities actively support entrepreneurship in the Americas, develop thought leadership on issues facing the region, and convene leaders from all sectors of public and private life to actively advance and support entrepreneurship and economic development in the region.